Reviews & Complaints About Phentermine Pills

There are numerous positive reviews of Phentermine on its efficacy on weight loss. Since reviews on third party sites are more credible, some of the reviews of phentermine were randomly chosen from Consumer Affairs site (a third party site). This site is strictly meant for reviews of all kinds of products. So, without further ado, here are some of the reviews that were collected from the Consumer Affairs’ review platform. It is important to also mention the fact that all the reviews below are from verified reviewers/buyers. So, they are not doctored reviews.

First Review

This review is from Montalvo, a customer based in Dallas, Texas. It was posted on Oct. 17, 2018. So, it is very recent. This reviewer has been struggling with weight loss in her early 20s. What added to her weight were her addiction to soda, late night cravings and the birth of her 9-month-old baby. To avoid any kind of adverse effects, she consulted her doctor and was subjected to series of blood tests. After that, her doctor gave her a go ahead.

Within 3 weeks of taking the drug, she noticed a drop of about 12 pounds in her weight. She also noticed that her appetite and cravings have been suppressed and she replaced her insatiable quest for soda with that of water. She gave the drug a rating of 4 out 5 stars and recommended it for anyone who wants to shed his or her weight fast.

Second Review

This review is from Onur, a customer that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He posted the review on Oct. 9, 2018. So, the review is also recent. This buyer started taking the drug a few days before this review so he is yet to notice a tangible drop in his weight. However, he is already feeling the effect of the drug. Phentermine has suppressed his appetite so much that he sometimes forgets to eat.

Onur also stopped snacking on junk food when the drug kicked in. He now drinks up to 4 liters of water in a day. This means that Phentermine makes you thirsty but that is fine since the more water you take, the better for your health. Due to these signs, the reviewer is certain that he will begin to lose weight pretty soon. He gave the drug a rating of 5 out 5 stars. This definitely means he recommends the drugs.

Third Review

This review is from Nikki, based in Pasadena, MD. She posted it on Sept 9, 2018. Her weight loss objective is to lose 10 pounds and she has already lost 9. Before using the drug, this reviewer tried a lot of weight loss programs but none worked. She started taking phentermine in August 2017 and lost 9 pounds before she stopped using it in January 2018. Her knee got injured and she could not continue. Unfortunately, she had regained the weight by June. The good news is that she is on it again and she has already lost another 9 pounds. However, since her knee has not healed up completely, she still does not do much exercises. She takes half a pill every day. Apart from suppressing her appetite, she also noticed that she is always full of energy at work and she is always mentally alert. She also gave the phentermine a 5 star.

Fourth Review

Unfortunately, this review is a negative one. It is from Rene, a resident of San Francisco, CA. She is 48 years of age and she is suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Things were terrible for her the week she took the drug. Her energy level was zero and she was totally withdrawn. She was always on her own as everyone got her upset. She cried over every little issue. Sometimes she had headache and other times she was light-headed. Even though she was always exhausted, she could not sleep.

All these stopped when she stopped the drug. However, she also noted that she had zero appetite and that she lost about 4 pounds. This should not come as a surprise because the manufacturers of the drug have already made some statements about its adverse effects. The review was posted on July 30, 2018. It is quite possible that she was still on another medication and the medication came in contact with phentermine. This could have triggered the adverse effects. Unfortunately, she gave the drug a rating of a single star.

Fifth Review

This is from a customer that is based in Tucson, Arizona and the review was posted on May 5, 2018. She had a lot of issues that made her gain weight. She rode up to 4 horses a day and did a lot of other things to shed weight but that they never worked. However, she was later introduced to phentermine. Initially, she fought with some side effects that fizzled out after a couple of weeks. She eventually lost some weight enough to give the drug 5 star out of star. However, she noticed that she was unable to sleep until she decided to use some sleeping pills. Although she didn’t know how much weight she lost because she wasn’t keeping track but she noticed that she could now wear some pairs of jeans that had become too tight for her.

Sixth Review

This review was posted by Karen and she is based in Powell, TN. She posted the review on April 4, 2018. She has been on and off the drug. At some point, she lost about 30 pounds and quickly gained it right back when she stopped using the drug. She had to reduce it from a whole pill to half a pill because her BP once shot up and she was close to having stroke. She didn’t just half the dosage, she also decided to take it with some blood pressure medications. While she is getting good results, she has made up her mind that if her blood pressure goes up again, she will stop the drug completely. She gave phentermine a rating of 3 star.

Seventh Review

This review is from Anthony who lives in Fitchburg, MA. The review was posted on March 18, 2018. He is 49 years and he weighed 189 pounds. He had liver issues so he was afraid of taking Phentermine. But after taking the drug for up to 2 months, his weight reduced by about 20 pounds and he says he is in the best shape of his life. He has never felt better than how he feels now. His appetite has been reduced and he is always full of energy despite not eating much. He gave phentermine a 5 star-rating and also recommended it for anyone trying to lose weight.

Eighth Review

This is from Lisa, a resident of Royse City, TX. It was posted in March 2018. She started noticing some problems when she started taking the drug. She developed some neurological problems, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and a tingling sensation all over her body. The symptoms disappeared when she stopped taking the drug.

However, this review will not be complete without mentioning the fact that she used it in 2016 and lost about 20 pounds before she stopped. There were no side effects then. May be she had taken some medications whose components were still in her body and that is what triggered the symptoms now. She gave phentermine a 1-star rating.

Ninth Review

This review is from Anca and it was posted on February 15, 2018. He has been taking the drug for over a month now and his hunger is gone. His cravings are all gone. While he stopped feeling the urge to eat, he still manages to eat for health reasons. He also advised other users to drink more water as a way to suppress any side effects. In one month, he lost up to 7kg.

The drugs also gives him enough energy throughout the day. The fact that he has a history of mild depression was one of his fears. Fortunately, phentermine did not trigger any depression in him. However, he encountered increased heartbeat rate, inability to sleep, and dry mouth but all of them vanished when he increased his water intake.

Anca advises that users should start with half a dose for the first week and they can increase it to full dose the following week. But if they notice some side effects, they can go back to half dose. Most importantly, he feels that users of the drug should take more water and also try to eat. They should not wait until they feel hungry as they may not feel any trace of hunger. If they can, they should include regular exercises too.


Having gone through the reviews, you may ask yourself why you should be the reviews. The first reason is that there are some negative reviews among them. If the reviews were doctored, all of them will be positive. Secondly, here are the reasons to believe any review that appears on Consumer Affairs’ site.

  • More than 1 million reviews on the site are verified.
  • Contact information are required from reviewers before they can post a review.
  • An intelligent software is used to assess the integrity of every review before it is published.
  • Moderators read all reviews for quality and relevance.